I grew up all over the globe as the son of Swiss Geologist H.R. Krüsi. We moved from continent to continent for many years, which ultimately has formed a large part of who I am - or better said - why I am. Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East are all an integral part of my upbringing.

Already as a child I was completely fascinated by electronics and how they worked. I remember taking apart everything that had electronic insides, much to my parents dismay. Calculators, toys, and et cetera where all fair game, often never to be put back together. As I enjoyed taking things apart, I also loved to build things. Whether it was out of wood, paper, clay, or Lego's, I found an unsurpasable joy in crafting little creations of my own.

During my time in Nigeria, I discovered the computer using my parents' 1989 Atari. Ever since then I have always had a deep fascination in personal computing and the 386 architecture. My first breakthrough came in 1995 in the United States when my father purchased a 16-bit MegaBook Laptop. It was then when I per-chance discovered some simple macro programming languages hidden behind some applications. Using try-and-error techniques, I created entire games using macro scripts. After finding an old copy of Borland's Turbo Pascal, I was able to develop and compile my first applications in Pascal. With the release of Windows 95 I spent much of my free time learning everything I could about the operating system and how it works. I would spend hours just looking through folders and files, trying to understand what purpose they served and what they did.

During my time in Junior School, I intensely dug into a wide array of different programming languages, learning as much as I could in my free time. It was at this point where I discovered my second passion: skateboarding. Quite through chance through an older friend at school, I was given a skateboard at the top of a ramp and told to try it out. I knew that first hour that I would be skateboarding for the rest of my life - so help me God. By 2000 I had created World Skate Tour, a 2D skateboarding game which quickly reached well over 40,000 downloads in its first year. I also launched a community network named SKATEster, which was unfortunately shutdown by its free hosts after 3,000 members joined within the first month and saturated the host's bandwidth.

After finishing High School, I started my studies in Computer Science at the University of Texas. However, I interrupted my studies to work for a mobile communications company in Switzerland and pursue skateboarding as a career - hoping to quickly relocate to the skateboard mecca Barcelona. However, a serious knee injury while filming a trick in Zürich West kept me in Switzerland where I worked as a software developer, engineering a platform that today serves millions of users from all over the world.

By 2006 I left the communications company in order to continue my studies in Computer Science and pursue my dream of starting Nerves Design & Engineering - a creative agency providing design and engineering under one roof. The combined knowledge of designers, illustrators, artists and engineers shapes its core competence for complete, distinct communications design, where the newest techniques and technology are applied long before they form into trends.

I am currently living in Zürich, Switzerland. You can find me skateboarding in the streets, hacking robots at my lab, or hard at work at the Nerves offices. Most recently I have been involved as a co-founder and lead software engineer of the Boldomatic social platform.

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