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Tune Control

Tune Control is a simple multimedia player with a skinnable interface. The default skin features a cornerless window with visually integrated buttons into the DJ image theme.

Source Download: (Windows)

Binary Download: TuneControl_setup.exe (Windows)

Tune Control Interface

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ALEXIS is the accompanying software for a custom computer I built. ALEXIS can perform different tasks such as playing music in the morning, speaking out the weather via text-to-speech, and other utility tasks. It can also simulate different weathering effects such as a thunderstorm. The hardware casing was almost entirely crafted out of wood, giving a aesthetic feeling.

Source Download: (Windows)

ALEXIS Software

ALEXIS Hardware

ALEXIS Hardware Closeup

ALEXIS Hardware Closeup

Tags: archived, multimedia, 2002

Smooth Player

Smooth Player is a simple and light-weight music player for Windows. One of it's main features is its smooth transitioning and fading from song to song when skipping tracks or during play.

Source Download: (Windows)

Smooth Player Interface

Expanded Interface

Tags: archived, multimedia, 2002

Vibe 3000

Vibe 3000 is the software that ran a computer which I had built into my parents car. Using text-to-speech and voice recognition it could play music, report ETA information, et cetera. The hardware for the computer was distributed throughout the car - the motherboard in the back, CD drive in the cabin as well as keyboard, and the various buttons and switched in the console. I designed a custom power supply so that it could run even when the car was off.

Source Download: (Windows)

Vibe3000 Layout

Software Interface

Hardware in Trunk

Hardware Closeup

Custom Console

Tags: multimedia, archived, 2002