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Solar Capture

The Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory provides a live image feed of the sun at all times. The Solar Capture app basically displays these images from NASA and provides a simple interface for browsing them and saving to disk. This is especially handy for events like Venus transits or solar eclipses.

Solar Capture

Solar Capture

Just open the app, select an empty folder to store images, and it will start updating automatically. There is no need to set the update interval smaller than 15 minutes, as the images on the NASA server aren't updated more frequently.

Binary Download: SolarCapture-0.2_osx.dmg

Source Download:

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Optimal Lunar Landing Analysis

The Optimal Lunar Landing Analysis software is part of the NASA International Space Apps Challege, and serves as a platform for processing lunar data in order to find optimal landing sites for spacecrafts.

The idea is to create an extensible framework for which multiple data sets are used by a series of analysis strategies to come up with a good landing solution while providing strong visual feedback mechanisms for both the strategy development phase and the strategy analysis phase.

So far two data sources have been implemented and five analysis strategies, as well as a robust multi-threaded backend and GUI.

Optimal Lunar Landing Analysis

Optimal Lunar Landing Analysis

The project is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the MIT License. I've spent a lot of time preparing the framework for others to expand on. Implementing strategies is really easy:

class ElevationAnalysisMap : public AnalysisMap
ElevationDataMap *_elevationMap;

explicit ElevationAnalysisMap(ElevationDataMap *elevationMap, QSettings *settings, QObject *parent = 0) {
// Init
_name = "Elevation Analysis";
_elevationMap = elevationMap;

virtual double calculateScoreForPoint(int x, int y) {
// Really trivial implementation: the higher the better...
int elevation = _elevationMap->getElevationAtPoint(x,y);
int minElevation = -9150;
int maxElevation = 10760;
return (double)(elevation - minElevation) / (double)(maxElevation - minElevation);

Project Page

Source Download

File Renamer

File Renamer lets you easily and quickly rename multiple files using a simple text editor. More than often this is much faster than using the OS's shell rename function on each file. The utility also features a quick find-and-replace utility to make common edits even faster.

File Renamer can be called from within Gnome on any file or folder.

Opening a folder lits all the files.

Find-and-replace can be useful.

File Renamer also works on OS X.

Binary Download: (Linux)

Binary Download: (OS X)

Source Download:

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Clipboard Sharer

Clipboard Sharer lets you share a common logical clipboard between two machines on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

Clipboard Sharer sits quietly in your system tray.

You can access it's settings by right-clicking it.

Simple and straight-forward.

I plan on adding new features as I need them. Currently it only supports text, but files will surely come soon. Also, if someone requests it, I'll change the 1-1 relationship to 1-N (meaning you can connect any number of machines). A history tool will also be added soon, allowing you to fetch older clipboard elements.

Binary Download: (Linux)

Binary Download: (OS X)

Source Download:

Note: The binaries will require the Qt Runtime which can be found at

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New Finder

New Finder guarantees the ability to open a new Finder window, without the hassles of recycling already opened Finders or having Expose jump to a different desktop. It works best by placing the New Finder application right next to the Finder icon. It even comes with it's own Preference Pane for setting the default Finder location.

New Finder Icon

New Finder Preference Pane

Binary Installer Download: (OS X)

Source Download: (OS X)

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Below you will find some selected works of mine from the archives. Many of the works are almost 10 years old and reflect the software I was writing during my time in high school.

As soon as I manage to re-compile all my newer software, which reflects more of my creative work, I will post it here also.

World Skate Tour

World Skate Tour is a free skateboarding game made for the PC. Some of its features include: over 45 tricks, grind rails, handrails, ramps, level editor, custom skaters, different game modes, including multi-player matches, lots of included levels, and many fun features such as jetpacks, adrenalin drinks, grenades, and more… It was received very well and during its first year of release had over 40,000 downloads.

Source Download: (Windows)

Binary Download: WorldSkateTour_setup.exe (Windows)

World Skate Tour Splash Screen

World Skate Tour Handrail Running from Cop

World Skate Tour Game Over

World Skate Tour Caught by Cop

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SKATEster was a sort of online community sharing software for skateboarders. It enabled the uploading of different media, such as videos, images, and texts, to a central location which would be shared with the community. SKATEster was largely succesful in the beginning, having reached 3000 members in its first month, but was unfortunately shut down by its different free server hosts.

Source Download: (Windows)

Binary Download: (Windows)

SKATEster Images

SKATEster Image Viewer

SKATEster Tricktips

SKATEster About Screen

SKATEster Options Dialog

SKATEster Signin Screen

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Tune Control

Tune Control is a simple multimedia player with a skinnable interface. The default skin features a cornerless window with visually integrated buttons into the DJ image theme.

Source Download: (Windows)

Binary Download: TuneControl_setup.exe (Windows)

Tune Control Interface

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PHP Coder

PHP Coder is a simple editor for PHP source files. It features an automatic document outline generator which can list, amongst other things, all the functions within a class for example. It also provides a series of utility functions such as duplicating a line et cetera.

Source Download: (Windows)

PHP Coder Interface

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