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ALEXIS is the accompanying software for a custom computer I built. ALEXIS can perform different tasks such as playing music in the morning, speaking out the weather via text-to-speech, and other utility tasks. It can also simulate different weathering effects such as a thunderstorm. The hardware casing was almost entirely crafted out of wood, giving a aesthetic feeling.

Source Download: (Windows)

ALEXIS Software

ALEXIS Hardware

ALEXIS Hardware Closeup

ALEXIS Hardware Closeup

Tags: archived, multimedia, 2002


mikAsLow is a very simple 2D game where the objective is to hit all the infectious pop-music blobs with your guitar before they infect you. Collecting all the music notes provides extra health and points.

Source Download: (Windows)

Binary Download: (Windows)

mikAsLow Game

mikAsLow Game

Tags: archived, games, 2003

Motion Capture Studio

Motion Capture Studio allows for the capturing of real-live motion using color spots which can be translated into some sort of digital format. I originally implemented this for integrating motion into 3D kinetics structures in Cinema4D.

Source Download: (Windows)

Motion Capture Studio Interface

Tags: archived, utility, 2002


Ultira is a very basic multiplayer role-playing 2D side-scroller. It allows for up to four players to connect over a central FTP server and play with each other.

Source Download: (Windows)

Ultira Player Selection

Ultira Game Play

Tags: archived, games, 2000

Smooth Player

Smooth Player is a simple and light-weight music player for Windows. One of it's main features is its smooth transitioning and fading from song to song when skipping tracks or during play.

Source Download: (Windows)

Smooth Player Interface

Expanded Interface

Tags: archived, multimedia, 2002

Vibe 3000

Vibe 3000 is the software that ran a computer which I had built into my parents car. Using text-to-speech and voice recognition it could play music, report ETA information, et cetera. The hardware for the computer was distributed throughout the car - the motherboard in the back, CD drive in the cabin as well as keyboard, and the various buttons and switched in the console. I designed a custom power supply so that it could run even when the car was off.

Source Download: (Windows)

Vibe3000 Layout

Software Interface

Hardware in Trunk

Hardware Closeup

Custom Console

Tags: multimedia, archived, 2002


This was the first game I ever 'programmed'. It dates back to 1999, and was made entirely with PowerPoint. It features different animations and puzzles which were realized by using hundreds of different slides and button macros.

Source Download: (Windows/OS X/Linux)

The Precious Jewels

Security System

Space City

Computer System Puzzle

Space Postal System

Tags: games, archived, 1999

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