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World Skate Tour

World Skate Tour is a free skateboarding game made for the PC. Some of its features include: over 45 tricks, grind rails, handrails, ramps, level editor, custom skaters, different game modes, including multi-player matches, lots of included levels, and many fun features such as jetpacks, adrenalin drinks, grenades, and more… It was received very well and during its first year of release had over 40,000 downloads.

Source Download: (Windows)

Binary Download: WorldSkateTour_setup.exe (Windows)

World Skate Tour Splash Screen

World Skate Tour Handrail Running from Cop

World Skate Tour Game Over

World Skate Tour Caught by Cop

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Ultira is a very basic multiplayer role-playing 2D side-scroller. It allows for up to four players to connect over a central FTP server and play with each other.

Source Download: (Windows)

Ultira Player Selection

Ultira Game Play

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