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Solar Capture

The Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory provides a live image feed of the sun at all times. The Solar Capture app basically displays these images from NASA and provides a simple interface for browsing them and saving to disk. This is especially handy for events like Venus transits or solar eclipses.

Solar Capture

Solar Capture

Just open the app, select an empty folder to store images, and it will start updating automatically. There is no need to set the update interval smaller than 15 minutes, as the images on the NASA server aren't updated more frequently.

Binary Download: SolarCapture-0.2_osx.dmg

Source Download:

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File Renamer

File Renamer lets you easily and quickly rename multiple files using a simple text editor. More than often this is much faster than using the OS's shell rename function on each file. The utility also features a quick find-and-replace utility to make common edits even faster.

File Renamer can be called from within Gnome on any file or folder.

Opening a folder lits all the files.

Find-and-replace can be useful.

File Renamer also works on OS X.

Binary Download: (Linux)

Binary Download: (OS X)

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